Feadship rebrand

Feadship The goal for the team was to rebrand one of the most well known, most iconic superyacht builder in the world – branding, communication guidelines, the .com and media content. The branding was not changed drastically, slight adjustments to the logotypes serifs, while a brand nice icon was created the F disk. New to… Read More


NightTag Olmeca Tequila and Amsterdam Worldwide, the Amsterdam-based creative agency, are collaborating to launch a revolutionary social music app: NightTag, an application that makes it possible for party people, festival goers and music lovers to share an entire night experience via Facebook in one post. It is one of the first music recognition apps that… Read More


Atida Since the start of 2021 I've worked as a freelance art director at Atida. Worked to produce high standards for projects involving branding, packaging, social and digital communications. Building and designing brand guidelines that govern the entire Atida range of 100+ new products coming to market from shampoo to skin ointment serums, boxes, labels… Read More

Powers Whiskey brandbook

Powers Whiskey The task was to ensure Powers Whiskey for Pernod Ricard had a brand book to have global guidelines. This included providing art direction for photography, possible branded gifts, usage of branding, usage of elements, colours, typography, an overall brand strategy and tone of voice. This way Powers Whiskey has a unified approach to… Read More

Royal Salute Strategy & App

Royal Salute Strategy & Whiskey Butler app Royal Salute wanted to create a highly crafted brand and strategy book to share amongst their markets. With a gold leaf and embossed cover and high-quality stock paper it is a book that certainly leaves an impression. It goes into the various aspects of the Royal Salute brand… Read More

Klook Travel

Klook Travel Klook was expanding into the European market pre-Covid and needed some help with branding, art direction and Google doubleclick display banners. The goal was to make the branding playful, fun, having a good time out with your friends while using the Klook application to purchase tickets in advance, arrange air transportation, purchase wifi… Read More

Kanopi House

Kanopi House A collection of eco-chic treehouses nestled high amongst 100-foot Banyans and rooted deep in Jamaican culture. You’ll find us tucked along a secluded hillside overlooking the famed Blue Lagoon and surrounded by winding bamboo and ginger lily-drenched pathways. Kanopi House is the perfect escape for those in search of a little adventure and… Read More


  Laveos Laveos is a high end soap brand in the Netherlands whos focus is on making the most wholesome, natural soaps available on the market. Everything you need, nothing that you don't, with an olive base, it was the key feature in the logotype and icon. The pylosyphy is translated into the webshop and… Read More


Rheact ISKO took it's key fabric technology and turned it into a consumer brand. A new type of clothing that allows you to maintain your flow, while giving you the support to act. Rhea is the mythical goddess of flow, her name literally means "That which flows". Action combined with the state of rediness and… Read More