Feadship events

After working with Feadship for a couple years on their branding and .com projects, they wanted to build out a mobile application to build out their events platform to be managed worldwide. Its intention was to be used to give and gain exclusive access to Feadship only events while getting a deeper look into the events themselves. The concept that you can see a full animated video preview at the very bottom of the page, starts off by highlighting the upcoming number of events from the flash page with animated fireworks. Then as you scroll down there is a series of sticky layers so the informational blocks grow as the images stay put until the next block closes and pushes the previous block out of view. The events can be previewed in list or map view providing the same information block for both designs. Once inside an event there is a lot more information about how the days will be broken down, booking for the event as well as any other relevant information about that day’s events in more detail. Once subscribed anyone can use their phone and the ticket page to use their QR codes to gain access for that event reducing the need for paper tickets. My role involved art direction, UX, UI, graphic design and motion design for the application preview.