Canadian born and trained art director and graphic designer from Toronto moved to the Netherlands after falling in love with my Dutch wife and have been calling the Netherlands home since 2008.

I have experience with UX design, visual web design, art direction, advertising, coding, motion design, animation and illustration.

In my life before design I worked as an advanced sailing race coach while living in Canada as well as the Bahamas and a IKO kiteboarding instructior in the Dominican Republic. I find the world facinating and continue to learn as much as I can with the time that I have. It allows me synergy in connecting ideas or concepts, some of the activities that help with this are, read 52 books a year, 8+ years baking sourdough bread along with a lifetime of being the cook for the family, being an artist drawing, oil painting and sculpting. Going offgrid to camp, snowboard, kiteboard, surf, sail, swim, run, VR flight sim, climb, mountainer, archery and staying on top of technology.

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