Sharpener, extender and transporter. Everything your pencil needs to be a solo, carry around in your pocket product. Since 2015 I’ve been working to develop the pencil+, starting off with a simple sketch that followed a part time post graduate degree in industrial design with a wooden hand made prototype. Afterwards working toward the goal of a full metal body.

Better usage of the strengths of material is fully recyclable, and more sustainable in the long run. A sucussful Kickstarter launch gave way to the production run of aluminum and brass variations. Working through the final adjustments and attention to detail required to ensure the pencil+ is the last tool your pencil will ever need.




Simplistic branding allows the materials in the pencil+ to really show off. The logotype reflects the goal, to find, finish all of your pencil stubs, and challenge the idea of what a finished pencil looks like.