Royal Salute Strategy & Whiskey Butler app

Royal Salute wanted to create a highly crafted brand and strategy book to share amongst their markets. With a gold leaf and embossed cover and high-quality stock paper it is a book that certainly leaves an impression. It goes into the various aspects of the Royal Salute brand when it comes to the luxury universe, belief systems, myth-telling, brand stories, craftsmanship, on-trade strategy, the logo and colour ways. It’s a very in-depth and detailed analysis of where Royal Salute has come from, where they are currently and where they need to go in the future.

Within the book, there is a section dedicated towards the Whiskey Butler app where you would can order a specialized butler to not only deliver your whiskey but also to serve it to you. It was designed to merge with the future strategy of Royal Salute, where I created the UX and UI design for the application. Along with being the art director and lead designer for this print publication.

Whiskey Butler UX & UI design