Feadship #fakenews

The objective was how can the best superyacht company in the world attract high net worth clients who might never have heard of the company? How does Feadship showcase the extent and reach of design innovation and technology that has been secretly guarded showcasing the breadth of the design team?

The creative direction was to use a misdirection #fakenews campaign to target other luxury industry publications besides superyachts. To create a stir, get people talking that Feadship is branching out into other luxury arenas, like cars, architecture, hotels, planes & even spaceships.

A campaign highlighting real innovations that are more than just concepts. The concepts though would be fake and never be produced, while the technology supporting the concept would be the real deal. First creating buzz for Feadship in other luxury markets attracting non superyacht clients, then launching a future concept with real innovations while also dropping the hammer revealing to the world the #fakenews campaign after it has gotten sizable attention.

Roles: Creative direction, design and copywriting.