Atida Since the start of 2021 I've worked as a freelance art director at Atida. Worked to produce high standards for projects involving branding, packaging, social and digital communications. Building and designing brand guidelines that govern the entire Atida range of 100+ new products coming to market from shampoo to skin ointment serums, boxes, labels… Read More

Reebok Timelines

Reebok Timelines The flow of time represented in a flow of a line, which depicts the events of an era key milestones in Reeboks history. From it's classics development, to it's leading role in fitness, while constantly setting benchmarks for techological advancements in what is capable in shoes all while using just the line. This… Read More

Klook Travel

Klook Travel Klook was expanding into the European market pre-Covid and needed some help with branding, art direction and Google doubleclick display banners. The goal was to make the branding playful, fun, having a good time out with your friends while using the Klook application to purchase tickets in advance, arrange air transportation, purchase wifi… Read More


Stronghold Stronghold was a startup looking to change the way we do things in a digital age of blockchains. We build the branding and art direction up from the tower as we worked on documentation design, illustrations, UX and motion. Always presenting complex information in easily understandable bites using pictograms and iconography. Read More